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About OSFS

The Ottawa Science Fiction Society is an organization of fans of science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction in its various forms, whether in prose novels or comics, television or motion pictures, hardcopy or software.

We get our kicks from a lot of things: superhero comics, anime and manga, TV space operas, military and medical fiction ... there is a lot of SF out there you might be surprised to have pointed out to you. Sure, Star Trek and The X-Files are the obvious candidates, but who might think of Tom Clancy's novels or the television show ER as fitting the definition?

We might. If nothing else, we'll hear you out if you think so.

What is SF, anyway?

Obviously, we think SF covers a lot more ground than the stereotypical space-based idea of "Science Fiction." Some hold that SF should stand for "Speculative Fiction" - fiction that looks forward, asks "what if ...", challenges the status quo through the art of story telling. Others feel that this definition is too broad, that all fiction is speculative. Whatever term you choose, you'll get a lively discussion from us.

OSFS is the oldest operating science fiction club in Ottawa. Founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1979, it is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the cultivation of interest in all aspects of science, science fiction, fantasy and comics.

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