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We’ll be posting messages here to let you know of events, meetings and more. Feel free to comment, but please be aware comments must be approved (to prevent spam), so it may take a while to show up on the site.

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One thought on “Welcome to the new OSFS blog

  1. Two topics.
    (1) At the April meeting it emerged that members have very different ideas of which sf and fantasy writers are worth following–and some members have evidently not even heard of writers I consider to be first-rate.

    As a gesture towards discussion and better communication, I offer a few sf/f writers I consider notable. I have picked writers who are still writing; some of them I know better from their short stories than from their novels.

    Guy Gavriel Kay–slightly magical alternate history; literate, eloquent, passionate
    William Gibson–an originator of cyberpunk; a stylist with a penetrating vision
    Karl Schroeder–wide-screen far futures, playing off post-humans against low-tech humanity
    Peter Watts–dark and powerful, exploring future technology and the nature of humanity with a real emotional punch

    Other Nationalities

    Iain M. Banks
    Ian R MacLeod
    Ken MacLeod
    Nancy Kress
    Terry Pratchett
    Robert Reed
    Alastair Reynolds
    Gene Wolfe


    (2) My own novel Janus can be viewed (and pre-ordered) at http://chizinepub.com/books/janus.php
    or at Amazon

    I also note that four of the six Aurora nominees for best novel are from the same publisher, CZP.

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