Aurora Awards 2013

Nominations for the Aurora awards close on April 15. For reasons that may be apparent I’m hoping as many people as possible nominate works they’ve read and liked. A final ballot will be compiled from the top nominees in May. To nominate you have to be a paid-up member of The Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association (CSFFA); this will cost you $10 but there are several ways to pay including Paypal.

CSFFA’s link is  You can nominate (up to three items in each category) electronically there, or download a mail-in form.

You get one chance to vote, with no second thoughts, so I recommend that you at least look at the list of eligible works assembled at  Click on the “2012 Can. SF” button at the top of the page, pick a category and then scroll down until you see titles. You should see a few things you recognize.

Think of it as keeping SF democratic.


One thought on “Aurora Awards 2013

  1. Thanks for posting this. While I don’t want to play favourites I will mention some names on the list with Ottawa connections. There’s my own novel, Janus ; Charles de Lint has entries in the YA novel, novella and short story categories; Matthew Johnson and Derek Künsken have novelettes; Marie Bilodeau, Leslie Brown (a fellow Lyngarde member), Matthew Moore and Jean-Louis Trudel have short stories; and Hayden Trenholm has an anthology.

    Good luck to all of us!


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