jan howard finder Memorial and Irish Wake

From Lin Daniel, sending from jan’s email account:  I’m trying to reach as many of his friends as I can with some important and time-sensitive information.

For those who don’t already know, my apologies for dropping this on you so abruptly: jan howard finder, The Wombat, passed away 26 February 2013 just after midnight, at the hospital where he was receiving treatment for cancer. I was with him at the time, and his passing was peaceful.

Following are the details of the memorial convention for jan. Please share this info far and wide, since I’m sure a few names are missing from these lists of people who want to know and perhaps attend.

WombatCon – jan howard finder Memorial and Irish Wake

When: 1 June 2013, starting noonish

Where: Holiday Inn Wolf Road, 205 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205 +1-518-533-1720

For those coming in from out of town, we have WombatCon room rates of $99 for Friday and/or Saturday night. Use the code Wombatcon to receive this reduced rate. Further information is on the website:  www.wombatcon.lindaniel.com or you can reach me directly at lindaniel@usa.net

Please come. I would love to see you, to meet you for the first time, or meet you in person. If you cannot attend, but wish to share your memories of jan, please send email. I’ll be posting material to jan’s blog.

Lin Daniel, jan’s “otter half”

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