Supper meeting June 14, Colonnade Pizza

We’ll be at Colonnade Pizza, 280 Metcalfe, corner of Gilmour 6pmish June 14th, 2012. (There’s on street parking in the area and bus service along Elgin one block away). The back corner of the restaurant is reserved in Alex Binkley’s name for any early arrivals.

We had a good turnout for our May supper meeting so we are trying that format again. We had a great time talking among ourselves about all things SFF.

We’ve had an executive meeting and can see a way forward for our group to get plugged in with all the other SFFH etc groups in Ottawa.

We want feedback at the Thursday get together on moving away from Sunday afternoon sessions to gatherings in restaurants about the city. We decided not to switch locations for now mainly because everyone on the executive is already too busy with work etc to organize it. But we would like suggestions on that as well on how to make supper gatherings most interesting and get people to mingle and move around.

Also we would like to hear any ideas you have on making our group more relevant, interesting and fun. Also any movie recommendations. Finally saw the Averngers–what a hoot.

If you’re coming on Thursday, would you let Alex know so we have some idea of what to expect. And bring along anyone who might be interested. Email: